Arduino Power Consumption Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the Arduino Power Consumption Ultimate Guide. In the Gadget Makers have several blog posts about Arduino power consumption, but I did not have a good clean way to guide visitors to the right tutorial. That is why I created this page. Here’s you’ll find all you need about Arduino power. How much power it consumes and tips how to reduce it.

Just in case you’re wondering why it’s important to talk about the power consumption, the answer is battery life. In order for you to achieve longer battery life in your project you need to get a good understanding on power consumption.

Arduino Power Consumption Ultimate Guide


Part 1: Arduino Power Consumption Normal & Sleep: measuring power in the Arduino UNO R3; trying out some sleep code; trying out a custom circuit board, just to see how low we can push power condumption.

Part 2:  Power Consumption of Arduino’s Microcontroller: a look into Arduino Uno’s brain the ATMEGA Microcontroller (Atmel ATmega328P-PU)

Part 3: Arduino Pro – I don’t have one yet. Sign-up to the blog to get updates when Part 3 comes out.



Tip to reduce power consumption:

  • Lower the system voltage from 5v to 3.3v
  • Lower the system oscillator frequency from 16Mhz to 8Mhz
  • Sleep code

If you like what you read, let me share the best resource for sleep code in the internet: