Final Assembly of RECAP

Let’s go over 3 of the steps required to make RECAP  (In case you don’t yet know, RECAP is the gadget that plugs into Android and iPhone and let you record calls into your computer). These are the units to be sent to project supporters that funded RECAP’s  Kickstarter campaign. I’m now working hard to get them assembled, tested and shipped on-time. By the way: if you’re late to the Kickstarter you can now get yours at

The videos in this posting shows  the steps related to preparing the 3D printed enclosures and doing the final assembly. Last video I posted showed the cases being printed  (check out posting), now I’m picking up where I left off, and will show what happens after printed parts are taken out the printer. Note: as you’ll see videos are not of same batch. 

0. Printing the cases (check out posting)

1. Raft Removal:

After the 3d printer produces the part, the excess material (ABS plastic) needs to be removed. That excess material is called the raft. The raft are the first 3 layers of the print and it’s purpose is to level the bed plate and create a surface with good adhesion so that the desired part do not get all entagled. Raft is a common procedure in the 3d printing, and there are some people that are starting to have good results printing raftless. Will add that to my to do list: research raftless printing.


2. Touch-up: A blast of hot air at 300degC is enough to even out the ABS plastic coloration (prior to acetone application). You want to make sure you do not set temperature too high, or expose part for too long, otherwise part will melt in front of your eyes!


3. Closing enclosure: 

Applying acetone to the ABS plastic makes it become fusible. It acts just as if you’re applying glue. As you see there a tight fit between lid and enclosure body. That’s key to achieve the gluing effect. After that I apply another generous amount of acetone to cover the voids. That enhances the look of the unit.


Hope this posting gives you an insight what takes place to make a RECAP. As you see, a lot of work goes into making RECAP as it is right now. In order to make RECAP a more sustainable project I’ll soon start investigating injection molding and eventually move in that direction.

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See ya!