Open Loggage – open source data logger for packages

Every time I fly and have to drop off my luggage at the check-in counter, I wonder what goes inside it during the trip.

  • Is it stored in a cold location? At high altitudes, external plane temp can reach -30F. Is my stuff exposed to that extreme weather?
  • Does it gets opened when I’m not around? As far as I know only customs and security have permission to open the luggage; no one else.
  • What about being dropped? Throw a few feet is probably expected, but how about a 3-meter free fall? Not cool!

To answer those question I decided to create a small device that I could place in my luggage and record some environmental data around it. The idea for OpenLoggage was born!

I have decided to make it an open-source hardware and software project. For several reasons:

  • get the community to collaborate on the application software
  • have fun in this project!


Check out these slides I put together and presented at an Arduino Minnesota meeting in March 2014. It shows a bit more about the project:



Proto1 – Credit Card size

This was the first OpenLoggage board. It’s credit card sized.

It was used to test out all the subsystems. After all is tested, I created proto board 2 where all has been shrunk down.

Here’s what it looks like.



Proto 2 – Gum Stick size


As you may imagine by the name of this board, the Gum Stick board has the size of a standard stick of chewing gum: 2-7/8 inches in length, 7/8 inch in width.

The GS board is the second board I made. The first board was a credit card size and was done that big so that I could quickly test out components, cut traces, etc.

Funny fact: there’s a  Military Standard for chewing gum sticks.


Board Features:

  • Microcontroller: Atmel’s ATMEGA328 (same as in the Arduino Uno)
  • MicroSD card socket
  • Coin cell battery holder
  • Li-ion charging circuit
  • Sensors: temperature, light (LDR)
  • Size: standard chewing gum stick (xx , yy )
  • two unused I/O pins for expansion
  • Very low energy design!!!  (see slides above)

Customization Features:

  • Jumpers for selecting power source (USB, Li-Ion or Coin Cell)

Optional Headers:

I added these headers as an alternative of populating the components directly in the b

  • Header for Arduino Mini (? double check) in case you do not want to hand solder the SOIC chip on the board.
  • Header for RFduino (p/n xxxxyyyy). Easily add Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) to your board.
  • Header for Accelerometer board (p/n GY-45 with Freescale MMA8451)
  • Header for RTC clock (p/n xxxxyyyy)

Circuit Board Layout




  • Download Gerber files
  • Eagle Cad schematic & layout (coming soon)
  • Sample Sketches & Library (to be ported from Proto1 board)


What’s Next

Plans for OpenLoggage:

(this section is my to-do list for this project. As time allows, I’ll work on the items below. If you’re interested in OpenLoggage, then check back soon)

  • Publish Finish BOM & order parts  (done)
  • Design: Finalize schematic (done)
  • release code, schematics, and BOM
  • add a forum for users to discuss features, how-to, etc
  • Get a better logo. Temporary logo below: