Setup Cron Job for osTicket in Bluehost cPanel

An important aspect of selling gadgets is what comes next: customer support.

As I’m shipping out RECAP to my Kickstarter supporters, and am launching the RECAP store where anyone can buy this device that let you record cell phone calls into a Computer, it’s now time to give my customers (and me) a convenient way to handle technical issues.

A way to enter and track issues. osTicket is a great platform to provide that customer support. Especially because it comes free with Bluehost, which is the webhost I use.

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PCB Design Mistake to Avoid: Via too close to Pad

I want to share one of the most common and possibly worst PCB design mistakes you can make. That is: Vias too close to Pads. After you spend hours designing your PCB and is ready to order your boards to the fab house, you want to all to go perfect. Bad boards will ruin your day, cost you time and money, so make sure you read this post to know what/why to avoid this:

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