Bad Debounce Software in hands drier

This is an example of a bad debounce software that I noticed in a hands drier located in the Barcelona airport (mid/2013).

As you can see, this shinny new drier is pretty much useless for the purpose of drying hands. However it’s a great example of a bad hardware / software integration and lack of product testing. (it’s no an isolated case, the other hands driers in that bathroom has same issue)

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Arduino Power Consumption Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the Arduino Power Consumption Ultimate Guide.┬áIn the Gadget Makers have several blog posts about Arduino power consumption, but I did not have a good clean way to guide visitors to the right tutorial. That is why I created this page. Here’s you’ll find all you need about Arduino power. How much power it consumes and tips how to reduce it.

Just in case you’re wondering why it’s important to talk about the power consumption, the answer is battery life. In order for you to achieve longer battery life in your project you need to get a good understanding on power consumption.

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