PI day 2013

To celebrate 3/14 – pi day – I’ve put together a quick demo where I have an Arduino Uno R3 board reading out load the first 100 digits of pi. I enter the digits in the terminal window and Arduino reads them out loud.

The actual setup for this demo is quite simple. I used the SimpleSDAudio library. The breadboarding that you see going on is actually for another project that I’m working on. It’s an “Arduino-based Mobile Interactive Voice Response System”. It’s a mix of answering machine and remote control. Details soon to be come. I plan to launch it in IndieGoGo soon.

Going back to the pi demo. One item I deviated from the instructions in the link was how to convert the .WAV in to the correct audio file format. I used Audacity (a free and awesome audio software) instead of Sox. I’ll soon post a tutorial on how to easily convert audio files from .Wav to the 8-bit RAW PCM file format. Enough talk, check out the demo:

As you see only about 50 digits were spoken. The issue is likely a serial incoming buffer too small. Despite that glitch, the demo still shows the general idea I wanted to convey…