Safety & DIY Electronics

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Using wire cutters? Then wear your safety glasses!

Just because it’s fun working with electronics it does not mean they are toys. In fact, there are important safety precautions that should be followed when a DIY enthusiast work in their hobby projects.

The video below is a presentation I gave at the Arduino Group of Minnesota (Arduino.MN), where I shared my story & lessons learned about working on projects. And also provide safety tips that everyone should follow when working with electronics and other hobbies that involves handling tools. So if you’re a maker, hacker or creator you must watch this video before you grab another tool!

Speaker Intro:

“Igor Ramos is an electronics engineer with 8+years working in an environment filled with potential hazardous: high voltage, moving machinery with potential unintended motion, yet it’s during his hobby – creating electronics for fun – that he learned an important lesson about safety. Let’s hear Igor’s story about safety, after which we I’m sure we’ll ALWAYS wear safety glasses.”

Watch: Safety & DIY Electronics


I hope that my safety story got you convinced about the importance of wearing safety equipment and taking proper precautions while working with electronics. While it is fun to work with electronics, they are no toys. If you enjoyed watching the video, share it with your friends & family on Facebook & Twitter.  They will appreciate you letting them know about it.

And don’t forget to get buy yourself a pair of safety glasses! I recommend these for less than $5 at Amazon:

3M Tekk 11329 Virtua Anti-Fog Safety Glasses, Clear Frame, Clear Lens



  • Some comments from Facebook about this post:

    Scott McCain: Always wear safety glasses. The two seconds it takes to dig them out and put them on are worth a lifetime of not seeing out of an eye. I learned my lesson early on when I was tapping a soldering iron to get some pooled solder off it and it flicked hot solder into my eye. I got lucky, but it was enough to teach me the importance of eye protection. Like seat belts, you won’t know you need them until you REALLY need them and then you will be appreciative of their utility.
    October 18 at 2:04pm

    Scott McCain: Well when I was in the Navy I was blasted by 440hz, 3phase, 220V power. It knocked me back about 10 feet and my head was spinning and ears were ringing for days afterwards. It wasn’t until I started playing with my Arduino and ended up with a blob of solder in my eye that I learned my lesson too!
    October 18 at 2:13pm

    James B Brauer: After I had a piece of shattered cutoff disk stick in the safety glasses, directly in front of my eyeball, I’ve been pretty adamant about eye safety.
    October 18 at 2:34pm

    Ben Kelly: safety starts at home! I wear safety glasses and steel cap work boots just to mow the lawn. Im new to electronics and these hazards are very new to me. thanks for the info.
    October 18 at 11:58pm

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